Harte-Hanks Web Sites

For several years, I worked with the Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing Agency, where I served as the lead front end developer for many of the company's larger web site projects. I am not responsible for the graphic design in any of the sites that follow. However, I did write the large majority, if not all, of the code for their web pages and scripts.

- Hyundai Genesis

- Journey For Control



- Steps to Balance

- Zetia

Current and Past Clients

The following is a sample of clients for whom I have either designed and developed new web sites from scratch or significantly redeveloped web sites from a previous version. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, as several of the clients I have worked for are no longer in business or have not updated their sites in years. Copies of all sites are kept offline and can be produced for inspection upon request.

- Alpha Psi Omega Honors Society

- Big Shots Bar and Grill

- Getzow Jewelers

- Jeremy Fund

- Law Offices of Councilman Anthony Sytko, Esq.

- Levin Limousine

- OpenHouses1-4.com

- Smires and Associates


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